4 Fundamentals to Creating a Perfectly Optimized SEO Page – Real Trends

4 Fundamentals to Creating a Perfectly Optimized SEO Page - Real Trends

Learn how to create the perfectly Optimized SEO page for you and your business. Don’t miss out on these steps to create the best SEO page possible.

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When it comes to creating a perfectly optimized SEO page for your real estate brokerage, you must first cover some fundamentals that will ensure you are taking the right steps toward optimizing your website to its full potential. Below are four steps to take when creating a new page on your website.


  1. Provide Value. Providing value for a potential home buyer or seller means first understanding what they are looking for when coming to your website. Each page on your site should be catered to a specific experience that provides laser-targeted value. For example, a community page on your website should shed light on the value behind the community and why they should look at properties within that particular community. Providing this invaluable experience will ensure they do not bounce from page to page.


  1. Easy Navigation. Navigating a website from page to page should be straightforward, predictable and progressive. This means having a clean design and user experience with specific calls to action that are placed in the right place at the right time. An example of easy navigation can be adding a Get More Information or Check Out Property button below each property listing on a listing’s landing page.


  1. Responsive. Responsive means that your website is 100 percent mobile friendly on a phone or tablet. More importantly, it means providing a seamless experience for mobile visitors when they access your website from any mobile device. An example of effective responsiveness on a website can be making sure that galleries and property images resize and adjust accordingly when a visitor is navigating your website on a mobile device.
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  1. Keyword Targeted. Keywords should be at the forefront of any SEO-optimized page. Keywords should be placed and used accordingly throughout the page to maximize usage and optimization elements. Keywords should be placed in the meta data and URL structure of the chosen page. From there, keywords should be placed throughout the copy as well as in the header and subheadings of your page. Lastly, any images or graphic elements should be optimized with your keywords to give more value to the page and provide targeted relevancy for the visitor.

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