5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

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5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On FacebookIn today’s digital landscape, it can be very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what every business is doing for digital marketing; whether it be creating videos, blogging, email marketing, search marketing, SEO, list-renting, guerrilla marketing, or even cold-calling your prospects, the options are endless.

The reality is that we cannot do it all. We must choose which channels to put our heart and soul into, because if we give a fraction of effort on each platform then the chances of seeing a successful return become slim to none.

All that being said, there is one force dominating today’s society: social media. We all know this because you and I likely check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds several times a day. Your customers are doing the same.

This isn’t surprising, but this also doesn’t mean you should be throwing all of your ad spend into every social platform out there. There is one social network that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore, which is Facebook.

Why Facebook? Facebook has over 1.49 billion members worldwide, and 22 billion ad clicks per year.  Because of this, Facebook is providing businesses with the largest advertising opportunity since search.

Here are answers to 5 common questions concerning Facebook advertising that should make you really consider advertising on Facebook:

  1. How does Facebook advertising work?

    1. Facebook Ads are targeted according to your Facebook Profile information: Your age, location, education, relationship status, interests like favorite movies, music and much more are available to advertisers that can access to aggregate data and reach the right audience for their ads. Depending on their goals and the product that they are advertising, advertisers can set a targeting filter to select which group of people will see their ad. This makes it possible to focus on or target the people most likely to be interested in the product, amongst the 1.49 billion worldwide Facebook users.
    2. This means that businesses can dial in their perfect customer and reach them in the place they spend the most time online.  Which, in turn, leads to a higher success rate for leads.5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook
  2. What is the difference between Facebook Ads and Boosting?

    1. Facebook Boost
      1. Reaches the established fan base of a business’s page.  It also reaches their friends.  This can be great if your business has a large fan base (5k fans or more.)  However, if you’re only working with 200 fans, your potential reach is going to be very little.
    2. Facebook Advertising
      1. Facebook ads allow you to run a targeted campaign to meet a specific goal with ads that show up on the desktop and/or mobile News Feed of targeted users.  These are going to be any user that fits your target goals, regardless of whether they like your page or not.  When it comes to lead generation, boosting has nothing on the all mighty ad.
  3. How do you create an effective Facebook Ad?

    1. Test
      1. Test ad designs (at least 4)
      2. Test ad text
      3. Test ad targeting
      4. Use split tests
    2. Create buyer personas
      1. For each potential customer type, write down a persona. Man or woman? Profession and job title? What’s the biggest problem she/he’s hoping to solve by using your product or service?
    3. Add social proofs
      1. Testimonials
      2. VIP endorsements
      3. Large numbers of users
      4. High success rates
      5. etc…
    4. Use call-to-actions
    5. Choose images that stand out
      1. If you want to get your ads clicked on, you have to grab the users’ attention so that they read your ad.
    6. Address your users’ rational and emotional sides
      1. No one wants to become a millionaire just to have money. They want the beneficial lifestyle that comes with being rich. Likewise, you don’t buy a product for its features. You buy it to solve a problem and, thereby, to make your life better.
    7. Put the right ad in the right place
      1. Desktop Newsfeed: Great for engagement and generating sales & leads. Supports longer copy and link description.5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook
      2. Desktop Right Column: Less effective but cheaper. Images are smaller and text less readable. Works well for retargeting users who already know your brand. Use an image they’ll recognize to catch their eye.
      3. Mobile Newsfeed: Great for engagement & Mobile app installs. As we saw in a recent post, mobile users tend to click “Like” a lot. The Copy is shorter, so be careful. While conversion rates on mobile are often deceptive, mobile is great for discovery. Users will discover your product on their phones… then buy it the next day on their desktop.
    8. Monitor ad analytics
      1. Paying close attention to how your ad is doing is super important.  If you’re not monitoring your ad, you’re likely to bleed your ad budget and waste it without getting a conversion.
    9. Optimize your ad
      1. Optimizing your ad goes hand in hand with monitoring your ad.  As you see ads that are underperforming you can quickly shut them down before they waste your ad spend.
  4. How much do Facebook Ads cost?

    1. This all depends on your ad budget and your ability to optimize your ad campaign.  A larger ad budget will, generally speaking, help you reach more of your target buyer in a shorter amount of time.
      1. Example:
        1. If you’re a REALTOR in Downers Grove, IL.  You could have a potential reach of 6500 people in Downers Grove who are looking to buy or sell a home.  With a $1000 monthly ad spend and an optimized ad, you could reach all 6500 in 3 months and get between 5-30 highly targeted leads.
        2. Using an average home sale of $300,000 in Downers Grove and a 2.5% REALTOR commission, that’s a potential $37,500-$225,000 in earnings for a $3000 investment over 3 months!  Not too shabby!!!
  5. So what’s the benefit of having a digital marketing agency like Creative Marketing Media Inc. do it for you?

    1. Professional Facebook advertisers are able to quickly optimize, test, and track your ads to ensure that your ad spend is going to leads rather than being bled off and wasted.
    2. Having a professional take care of your Facebook advertising allows you to spend more time growing your business doing the things you know how to do.  Time is money.  Being more efficient and hiring the right professionals saves money in the long run.
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5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook


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