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Long-term SEO: Proving the value to your Morris IL SEO clients now

Committing to a doing good SEO, or paying someone to do it for you, requires businesses to think long term.  SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.  So how do you help a potential client see the value of long-term SEO when the results can take weeks, months, or even years to accumulate?

Morris IL Website Design + Local SEO

Showing value of a future gain is no easy task.  Especially if you’re company is new and doesn’t have much to show in regards to numeric gain.  Charts, graphs, and rankings can go a long way in helping clients see the value of SEO, but what about recommendations?

If you do a Google search for “how to show SEO value,” you will get a plethora of blog posts from Morris IL SEO firms discussing how to use reporting and analytic data to make your case.  And yes, you should do that, but what if all of that data doesn’t paint you in the greatest of light….yet?

How can you, the Morris IL SEO, show the value of long-term SEO recommendations in the now?

Before we get started, let’s define “long-term SEO.” Long-term SEO refers to good SEO practices that take a long period of time to have an effect on SERPS and conversions but have a lasting effect.  These are white hat practices like content creation, link building, schema markup, etc…

Let’s use HTTPS for an example.  There is an obvious long-term value in transitioning from HTTP to HTTPS as the web is moving towards security because users want trust.  Besides, Google has already stated that it will give preferential treatment to HTTPS pages.

But, from a short-term perspective, your client’s website isn’t going to see an increase in their search traffic overnight.  Since transitioning from HTTP to HTTPS requires time and money, with a potential of having issues with the website, selling that investment isn’t going to be easy.  Especially when your Morris IL website client wants to get the most for their money.

So what can SEO agencies in Morris IL do?

Morris IL Website Design + Local SEO

Try putting together a recommendation that includes case studies, potential impact statistics, and a website transition strategy.  You see, one of the best aspects of the search industry is the willingness of everyone to share knowledge and to help each other out.

Let’s be real for a second, as the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.  Whatever you’re doing has already been done.  If you’re looking to show the value of your Morris IL SEO services or strategy, just do what everyone else does, do a search!  Take a look at what has already been accomplished, the results that have been recorded, and the case studies that have already been studied.  Someone is bound to have the data you need.

Put together all of the real information that you can find about your strategy and present it to your current or potential client, you might just buy yourself some time to get some results to show from a performance perspective.

Try implementing a use case

Morris IL Website Design + Local SEO

Coming empty handed with just an idea is a harder sell than simply showing results.  If you’re trying to show that a strategy has value, create a use case.  A client is going to be much more likely to try your idea on a small scale, rather than on an all out site change, and if you can prove results it will be way easier to get your client to buy in on the large scale.

Sell Your Small Wins

Morris IL Website Design + Local SEO

SEO results usually take a long time, so any way that you can show organic improvement is a small win which should be celebrated.

Here are some key points to show your clients every month or quarter to show that your service is actually performing.

  • Show the search query data from Google Search Console
  • Show the clients keyword visibility and compare the changes over time
  • Track and show the client their conversion rate

Some Final Thoughts

Remember to keep to the things you know, show examples from case study’s from others, and eventually your own, and focus on your small wins whenever and wherever you can.



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