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Does Responsive Website Design Affect SEO for Your Plainfield IL Website?

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO

Responsive website design is the industry standard for internet marketers in Plainfield IL and has been for several years now.  But aside from its obvious benefits from a design standpoint, does it help your SEO efforts?

The short answer is: YES

With a responsive website design for your Plainfield IL small business or real estate business, you won’t have to have a separate mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of your website.  Regardless of the device that a website visitor is using to access your content, the user will see all of your content in all of its glory without having to view a stripped down mobile version.

Since there has been a 400%+  increase in mobile search since 2012, responsive website design is the future of online search marketing.

How does responsive design work?

Responsive design all began with a simple theory from Ethan Marcotte in a 2010 article titled “Responsive Web Design.”  Instead of having a separate mobile website that is sized at 800px for smaller screens, a responsive website will respond to the size of the display and will move and resize all of the webpage’s elements to fit within the screen using CSS (cascading style sheets) media queries.

Here is an example that uses a grid to show how the different elements will change position to suit the display.

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO

So how does responsive design help my Plainfield IL SEO?

Now that you can see just how beneficial responsive design can be from a design perspective, let’s see how it can benefit your SEO efforts.

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO


Google Search’s sole purpose in life is to send it’s users to the Plainfield IL websites that they want to see.  When a searcher comes to your site and then leaves immediately (these are referred to as “bounces”), Google takes note of that behavior and assumes that your site might not be the best choice for the search term that brought them there.

If you have a mobile website that doesn’t fully display your content or has much less content, you could possibly frustrate users that were there to find something that they had previously viewed on the desktop version of your site.  If you don’t have a Plainfield IL mobile website at all, 61% of visitors will go back to the Google search results and find a website that is more easily readable.  For either reason, your bounce rate will increase and your search ranking will plummet.  If you have a responsive website design, the people coming to your website will get all of your content, not a stripped down version, and they will get that content in a format that works on different devices.

Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content on your website is a big fat red flag for Google.  She doesn’t like it.  Having a separate mobile site creates duplicate content on the web which can send your website visitors to the wrong version of your website.  With a responsive website designin Plainfield IL, your content will be in one place and not duplicated across the internet.

Mobile Website Search Ranking

Google already recommends a responsive design for your website because Google has said that it ranks websites that are optimized for mobile, higher in mobile searches.

This is good for Link Building

If you have a responsive website, a link that is pointing to your main website will also link to your mobile website.  For the most part, mobile websites don’t have a lot of links pointing to them, so you may have an advantage over your competition in search if they have a traditional mobile site.  Also, since mobile search is on the rise and website owners are beginning to link to mobile websites, your inbound links coming from main websites and mobile websites will create a much stronger backlink profile.

SEO Results

If you decide to switch from a traditional site to a responsive one and you didn’t already have a mobile website, you will see your bounce rate from mobile devices decrease.  But those positive effects may not be relegated solely to your mobile site.  They may spread to your main site as well.  One website saw an increase of visits by 400+% in one month:

Plainfield IL Website Design + SEO

This, of course, is not a common occurrence, but this webmaster’s results show the potential growth this one change can make.

Final Thoughts

Switching from a traditional design to a responsive design isn’t an overnight task.  If you already have a stellar design with a great mobile site, you might want to weigh the cost and time involved in transitioning to a responsive website.  If, however, you’re getting ready to start from scratch, are starting a new online business in Plainfield IL, or are a Plainfield IL Realtor that want’s their own professional website, starting off on the right foot with a responsive design is worth it.  Thinking ahead and looking at where the internet industry is moving will give you one more advantage over your competition who hasn’t taken these things into account.

CMM builds all of our websites for REALTORS and local small businesses in the Plainfield, IL area and all surrounding areas on a responsive platform.  You can be sure that you’re getting the very best and most up to date website design for your real estate business or small company.

CMM also specializes in content creation for local search marketing in Plainfield IL and surrounding areas like Joliet IL, Morris IL, and Downers Grove.

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