Revamp, reuse, recreate: 5 [simple] ways to repurpose your blog content successfully Blogs are a kind of endless field. You’ve written dozens or even hundreds of blogs, and yet, more seem to stretch out before you, waiting to fill your site. Unfortunately, staring out into that field, you may start to feel that you’re out of ideas. Really, what’s left to write about? While there will always be a little new content – a tech update, design trend, or other noteworthy news – it probably doesn’t feel like enough.What can you do when you hit that content wall? The best solution is to recycle and to repurpose your old blog content. Much of what you’ve written is still relevant. The secret, then, is to take that content and to make it something new and exciting for your readers. When it comes to blog content, creativity can take you a long way.Why repurposing content is a valuable lean strategyYou probably are already familiar with the term, but it doesn’t hurt to break it down for you again. Repurposing is a key strategy of lean content marketing, and involves finding new ways to recycle your existing content to maximize your efforts. There are many benefits of repurposing content, including the following:Reaching a new audience: reformatting your blog content for different mediums with broader audiences is a great way to extend your reachReviving and extending the lifetime of successful evergreen posts or old favoritesLess content, same resultsMaximizing your efforts: repurposing content ensures that those who may have missed your content back when it was originally published get another chance to see it. This second chance at content promotion is a great way to boost visibility.But despite all its benefits, most marketers don’t do much repurposing:

Revamp, reuse, recreate: 5 [simple] ways to repurpose your blog content successfully 

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